Posted by: poche | July 26, 2010

Lap your Processor and Heatsink (Mirror Finished)

when i go to ACE hardware in my town, i have this strange feeling for buying each sheet sandpaper 1500 and 1000 grit, actually i just intended to buy 200 or 300 grit for my rubik’s cube. but still, i ended bought 6 sheet sandpaper (a sheet 1500, a sheet 1000, two sheets 200 and two sheets 300) LOL..

yesterday, when i disassembled my rig for cleaning, i remember that there are sandpaper 200,300, and 1000 grit that i haven’t been used yet. so i decided to lap my E2200 and my OCZ Vendetta II then hope for the best..

first of all, when you decided to sand your processor, you sure need super flat surface. i use glass. and don’t give pressure to the processor, or you might ended with a tilted flat surface.
put the sandpaper on the glass surface, tape it so that it wont budge. and then move your processor back and forward, slowly.

sometimes later, you might find that your processor is not that flat (and yes it is not.. thanks intel..)

i done those using 200 grit, and still using 200 grit untill all that silverish nickel layer is gone from top of my processor.. ^^

like that.. 🙂 (well, actually i take this picture after sanding on 300grit)

after all the nickel layer is gone, what next is just finishing.. using 300, and 1000 grit sandpaper (or at least that what i have done). do exactly the same methods as above, until you got mirror like flat surface in the processor.. ^^

Yeah!! like that… (it reflecting, right?)

and done.. 🙂

you could also use this method to aftermarket HSF, for example i done this to my Vendetta II, and i got this:

after all that sanding things, i got my average temperature decreased by 3-4 degrees celcius, maybe even better if i use Air Conditioner in my room and use better thermal compound.. ^^

Happy Sanding..


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