Posted by: poche | November 28, 2009

If your fan just too noisy, shut em up..

After long gone without posting, i’m trying to post this one, since i thought that this might useful for someone out there

Ok, so i had this generic 8cm fan, which is i don’t know what brand it is (that’s why i called it generic though). i put it on my computer case, as an inflow case. The problem is, this fan is just too noisy, (The RPM is too high), its actually a good thing, since it gives high CFM airflow, but i prefer silent one. since i don’t have any RPM Controller, i decide to do something to this fan.

the concept is easy, i must lower the input voltage to this fan only. I googled a little bit, and realize that, 12v on molex is created with Yellow Cable (12v) plus Black Cable (Ground) and 5v is created with Red Cable (5v) with Black Cable (Ground). so i try to combine the yellow and the red one, so that the voltage output is 7v (12-5). since the position of molex PSU is permanent, so i tweak the fan molex.

First, i get tweezer, then i tweeze the top size of the yellow, black and red (since my fan cable input was positioned at yellow and black)
















And so that the connector would look like this









Then, swap the red ones and the black ones so the molex will be like this








And, DONE.. you can try plug that into molex connector on your PSU to try if your masterpiece would work or not..

Happy trying…


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