Posted by: poche | March 19, 2009

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition Proposed Theme Pack 2.2

After paused posting long enough (well, i do have activities other that sit in front of my ground-zero), yesterday i decided to take a ‘walk’ to

I see some nice black theme which says that would be proposed for Ultimate edition. The package was very nice, its given on *.deb format. just double click and install. The package consists almost everything,GDM Login, GTK theme, Emerald theme, Metacity theme, Sound scheme, Font, Icon set, Cursor set, and even Firefox theme. you can go to here for giving comments to the creator. Anyway, just for your consideration, i give my screenshots here ^_^

What i’m using is :
Wallpaper, (i got this out of nowhere, i forgot but i put that in here)
Conky with Conky Colors configurations
Avant WIndow Navigator
Ubuntu Ultimate Edition
Some Hardware sensors




  1. Thanks for this information. I’m waiting for the next release of UUE (ver. 2.2). Bye!

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