Posted by: poche | November 2, 2008

A new Screenshot

After doing some research regarding mac4lin, i decide i’ll give it a try..

and i had succeded!! yay..My box now has appereance like mac.. XD, after doing some vista-like on the past.. well i’d prefer this one.. (perhaps, sometimes i’d try ubuntu-like LOL). i’ll explain the tuts later, because i got to go.. 😀

Just for your consideration, i will include few screenshots



  1. Not a fan of mac themes… but how did you get a screenshot with the cursor in it?

  2. nicely done. the conkyrc though, could you share where you found that one? thx!

  3. its just happens.. i don’t realize it either until i upload the pic to the web.. i don’t know exactly, but, i don’t check on “Screenshot” section on Compiz Config, maybe that had some effects.. *perhaps*

  4. @Robin
    you can read it on my previous post Titled New Screen Capture
    I was uploading my config but with another extension (just delete extension to use it..) but if you do mind to roll back the page, here is the link. don’t forget to erase the extension and do some configuration to get it work on your machine..

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