Posted by: poche | November 1, 2008

Interpid Ibex The Screen

After perform an instalation to my box using a Live USB Stick, at first glance, i feel little bit awkward with the wallpaper and saying “what picture is this?”. I mean, when seeing Hardy Heron on the first sight, you will see a Heron on the screen as default wallpaper. It took one day, seeing the screen (i absolutely doesn’t mean staring, i mean working) i just realize, it is a Intrepid!! its a goat or something.. which has a long curved horn.. (i was tricked.. xp). Salute to the designer, to make such a cool art.

I take my screenshot using the default wallpaper, and a conky!! its a same conky and conky configuration like what i had post previously. But, as the time flows, there is a function from my conky configuration that doesn’t work anymore. It’s the External IP status.. I don’t know why the is giving error 404, (it happens when i try to visit the site via browser). perhaps it off or something. i’m working on search the alternative to the external IP generator, since i’m using curl on the conkyrc, so i would expect a precisely-same like the old

Anyway, altough the nvidia driver is different name of package on the Interpid (since first time i use Ubuntu, i found that nvidia card using nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-new, or something likethat as driver), but the script for GPU temperature is still usable.. (i’m kinda fond of that of course.. ^_^).

There is still many-many stuff that i should figure on this Intrepid Ibex, but i can’t write it at one time, so just stick around. I will also put my screenshot here, đŸ˜€

Intrepid Ibex at Ground-zero

Intrepid Ibex at Ground-zero



  1. poche !!
    bantu gw instalin ubuntu 8.10 di lappie gw yak !!


  2. boleh2… XD
    tapi masih OOffice 2,4 (gw kira udah 3.0) soalnya katanya ada bug di 3.0.. =.=a

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