Posted by: poche | August 4, 2008

openSUSE 11.0

Last night, i tried to download the openSUSE 11.0 ISO file. Since i was in the mood to try something new. This morning i try to install it, openSUSE give a nice GUI i think. FYI, i download the KDE version, not the Gnome one. Later on, i wonder where do the desktop effects going.. so i checked it. I found that it wasn’t enabled yet, so i enabled it. But still no respond. I keep looking, i found that the VGA driver was not Nvidia, so i try to install it. and the problem begins…

First time i tought that it would be easy as ubuntu did. But i was wrong. I don’t know why, but i already checked the package that i need (and so it says on many articles and threads) but my openSUSE still using VESA as the driver. Now, i’m wondering perhaps, my 7300GT was not supported by Nvidia driver that included in the package.. Or perhaps, there were anything wrong…

I dont know.. Please help.. m_ _m


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