Posted by: poche | June 25, 2008

Hypnotized… By a Story?!?!

Densha Otoko is a japanese drama that aired in japan on 2005 ago. if we see the time it aired, it quite long till i watched this drama. Well its because on 2005, i’m not a fan yet (i want to say “otaku”, but i’m not otaku-like yet, so i used “fan”).

I’m not describing the story here, because you can read it on the Wiki (and everywhere everytime you type Densha Otoko on google) but, what i’m trying to say here was this story was so hypnotizing. I mean, easily you can feel like you were the main subject (or maybe just me, because i kinda had some problems like that)

Anyway, to people who havent watched it yet, watch it.. its a good movie. I rarely find a movie that can make me cry.. :’)

It feels like Hypnotized!!


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