Posted by: poche | May 20, 2008

Iron Man

Erm, well as a prologue. I think i’ll done my post by english. The reason? well nothing particular, i just want it. Anyway, i think i need some practice in using english. Ok, back to the title. Iron Man.

Iron Man, i just watch the movie. well, actually the official site stated that it’ll play on screen at 2nd May, and it did… But i rarely had a vacant time to filled with free activity like this. Since i watched it very-very late from the date it premiered. Anyway, to a sci-fi fans, i think its a good film (do not think its story line, just the effect and the weaponry..) I like it, and good for collection, since its a comic-based film, so perhaps it will have a sequel or something (like spiderman does).

I am waiting for the sequel actually, because Tony haven’t create any other suit like the comic does. well , just hope for the best.



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