Posted by: poche | April 29, 2008

Gadmei UTV 330 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron 2.6.24, The Patch

Before Posting,First, i would like to say thanks to all the developers around the world. Because, you know the patch is so easy to find. Just do google, and Bang! you find it. But please note that you have to use the right query, so use your mind. :D. Second, i would like to say thanks to Bill Gates for making Microsoft. Because, from Microsoft, now i understand what would i do with my computer. Third, I want to say sorry to MIcrosoft Company. Because starting this morning, i officially deleted my Windows XP from my system.

OK, now back to the title. Like what i have posted before that i a using Hardy Heron on my Box right now, and i am using Gadmei UTV 330 for watching TV. In previous kernel version (2.6.22) the v4l-dvb-kernel had no problem when compiling. But, yesterday i had error when compiling the v4l-dvb-kernel. In confused state, i try to search in internet for anything that may fix that. I found the answer on here.

OK, this is what you must do :
Download the firmware here or here, FYI UTV 330 is using firmware_v2. After that extract the folder to /lib/firmware

cd /lib/firmware
sudo tar xvzf /<directory where you save the file>/firmware_v2.tgz


sudo apt-get install mercurial gcc build-essential linux-source


sudo apt-get install sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`

Then make directory anywhere you want, i suggest the dir name is tvdriver for easy search

mkdir tvdriver
cd tvdriver
hg clone

If you dont have any internet connection in hour place, or you were in internet cafe, or maybe somewhere that far away from your computer, i google-ed and find the file to download here

Then you download the patch file here. I suggest you to do right click and choose save file as in firefox, because firefox opens the file.. :D. Save the file in the v4l-dvb-experimental folder
Then do this

patch -p0 < v4l-dvb-kernel-Makefile-2.6.24.obj

After that, still inside the v4l-db-experimental

sudo make install


sudo modprobe em28xx card=37

Then, you can use your favorite TV-Viewer Application…



  1. It’s great..Thank you very much..

  2. Hi sacredrelic, did you ever save the patch? the link is dead… Please send me the patch, i really need it. thanks ^^

    • thanks for your visit.. unfortunately, the file is a long gone..
      but, i’ll contoct you if i can find one..

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